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  • "This is an amazing product!!! Sleeping better, focusing better."

  • "These are amazing! No words, these are little gems of magic!"

  • "I agree, I couldn't live without them now, they've changed my life completely."

  • "These are absolutely wonderful!"

  • "I've been using them for about a month and never felt better!"

  • "My son 13 said: week 3, I'm not tapping in class; week 5, I can concentrate until my last lesson: Sleeping better, started gym, no constant swaying!"

  • "OMG, my sleep is amazing since being on these & I no longer grind my teeth. They bloody work!!"

  • "3 days in and it's made a massive difference already!!! Thank you so much for sharing, I'm actually quite emotional."

  • "It has made a great change in me, also no longer feel like I need to sleep all the time. I can actually function a lot better which is amazing."

  • "Changed my life x"

  • "Got mine today! Achieved more this morning than I have all week!
    They are amazing!"

  • "I must admit, I started these a weeks ago; love them, my mind is dearer, even focused now!"

  • "Finished my last bottle two weeks ago and the difference they make to my life is unbelievable."

  • "My sons been taking them just over a week & I am starting see some slight results in his impulsiveness and hyperactivity. They really are amazing xx!"

  • "I was reluctant and don't believe in herbs; but it works for me!"

  • "My 6 year old has been taking them for a week now and I'm starting to see a difference in his sleep and in some of his behaviour too xx."

  • "Ive been using them for 4 weeks now and really noticing the positive difference!"

  • "My nearly 8 year old said that he feels "calm on these" and my 5 year old seems within normal "hyperactivity" limits now... and my clarity is improving!"

  • "Just purchased another batch! My ability to focus and not become easily distracted has improved my work and my performance. I can not fault the product! Thank you so much!!"

  • "I'm on day 5 of my gummies and I feel amazing. Product is superb!"

  • "I can honestly say they work... a week in of my 6 year old taking them and he in a different child. Emotional regulation is so much better ... thank you!"

  • "It's the only thing that gets me up in the morning. Thank you so much!!"

  • "I've been on these for 2 weeks now. I feel sooo different! I can concentrate, I can remember things, I'm getting things done, It's mind blowing!"

  • "Have been using for 3 weeks now. To say the house is calmer would be an understatement. Thank you!"

  • "Didn't tell the school we started them and had a meting last week with the principal teacher; asked me very shyly "sorry, but have you noticed a difference in xxx's behaviour?" All the teachers who deal with xxx have noticed a big improvement with xxx's concentration and outbursts. He's so much calmer, so I told them all about SaffPro and even gave a bottle to 1 of xxx's teachers to try for her son. I am spreading the message wide x"

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Saffron has been highly sought after for thousands of years as a medicine, spice, and dye.