The Spice That Saved Me

a message from our founder

It was more than a year ago when I first felt a sharp pain in my left foot; it almost felt like needles were being poked into the bottom of my foot. I had hoped that this pain would go away, but not only did the pain continue, but I awoke several days later to a foot that was so swollen, it looked like my foot belonged to an elephant (nothing against elephants, I love them!) Long story short, I was diagnosed with Gout (a form of inflammatory arthrits.)

I was prescribed steroids to help reduce my swollen foot and although the steroids worked, I felt really "off" for a few days and decided I needed to do some research and find a natural way to help me control the discomfort and the bad feeling from my prescribed medication.

A friend of mine recommended that I look into Saffron! Saffron? I asked, why Saffron?! How could a spice help me in my search for a natural solution to my pain and discomfort? My friend insisted I look into Saffron and boy, was I in for a huge surprise!

Saffron has been used for over 3500 years, it is highly sought after and the list of Saffron's benefits are endless. Saffron, or "Red Gold," is the most expensive spice in the world. It takes about 150,000 crocus sativus flowers to produce 1 kilogram of Saffron. Saffron is considered to be the most powerful NATURAL anti-flammatory and anti-oxidant that may help with so many aspects of our well being. There are literally hundreds of studies that show many of the incredible benefits of Saffron. All I know is that shortly after I started taking Saffron, I saw amazing results. I felt better, my inflammation went down, I lost weight, had much smoother bowel movements, and overall, felt better. I knew I had to share my experience with as many people as I can. Click here to see just a couple of the health benefits Saffron provides.

It turns out that the only downside I faced was where to find a reliable source to buy Saffron (since Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, great quality Saffron can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 per 1 kilogram and there is plenty of inferior quality and counterfeit Saffron out there.)

The next question was how to consume Saffron. Real Saffron has a distinct taste and smell. In addition, it takes as little as 30 milligrams of pure Saffron per day to enjoy the benefits of this natural wonder. After extensive studying and research the different options for consuming Saffron, we came up with the world's first PURE Saffron gummy incorporating 140 compounds to create a unique formula. Each one of our gummies is packed with 30 milligrams of top quality PURE Saffron AND they taste AMAZING! We are very proud and happy to share this product with you! Try it today and see what all the hype is about. 1 to 2 pure Saffron gummies daily is all you need to start seeing health benefits. Click the shop now button below to begin your journey to living a healthier life!